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What are our online courses?  

As a Dunamis Woman you must walk in your authority & power to demolish the works of the enemy! Our online courses build your confidence, while providing you with spiritual guidance & strategies you need to overcome the obstacles you face in your prayer life, relationships, and spiritual attacks!

"How to Pray with Power on Purpose"
Online Course

"How to Fight for My Husband and Win" 
Online Course

"Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare" 
Online Course

What are our online teachings?  

As a Dunamis Woman, you must pursue healing as you continue to be used fully as a vessel for Christ! Our online teachings challenge you as a woman to bring emotional healing to your soul as you work through issues of your past or present and learn how to use your pain to ignite your power! 

"Sexual Healing" 
Challenge Teaching Series

"Healing for My Soul" 
Challenge Teaching Series

"Good Man vs. Great Man" 
Interview Series

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Power Packed Bundle
This bundle includes ALL of our online courses & teachings series for just $97! With this bundle you will get access to... 
  • 3 "Healing for My Soul" Online Challenge Teaching Series ($105 Value)
  • 1 "Sexual Healing" Online Challenge Teaching Series ($67 Value)
  • 1 "Good Man vs. Great Man" Online Teaching Series ($67 Value)
  • 1 "How to Pray with Power on Purpose" Online Course ($97 Value) 
  • 1 "How to Fight for My Husband and Win" Online Course ($97 Value)
  • 1 "Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare" Online Course ($97 Value)
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Our courses and teachings are for you if...
  • You want to draw closer to God and enhance your prayer life!
  • You want to learn how to fight spiritually against the attacks you are facing mentally, emotionally, or physically!
  • You are tired of being rejected & betrayed and want to experience the true love of God in your relationships!
  • ​You are committed to breaking generational cycles and want to heal from your past & pain that has tried to rob you of your power! 
  • You want to build confidence in who you are as a woman & walk boldly in your God given power! 
  • You seek to gain a deeper understanding of sex, your purpose as a woman, and how to build wholesome relationships!
  • You are tired of experiencing turmoil in your marriage and want to learn how to fight for your husband spiritually! 
  • ​You are seeking for clarity of God's word & how to apply it to your life!
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"Spiritual Bundle"
If you have been struggling in your prayer life or fighting spiritual attacks that are hindering you from walking in your purpose then this bundle is for you! Go to the next level in your prayers as you draw closer to God and tap into the true power of prayer & spiritual warfare! These courses will guide you on how to use your God given authority to produce miracles & demolish the attacks of the enemy on your mind, family, and life!
  • This bundle includes...
  • 1 "How to Pray with Power on Purpose" Online Course ($97 Value)
  •  1 "Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare" Online Course ($97 Value) 
  •  1 "How to Pray & Get Results" Workshop ($35 Value)
  • 1 "The Dunamis Within" E-book ($4.95 Value)

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Have you been asking God to help you heal from the past or current pain. Healing is a forever process and within our "Healing Bundle" you will get all the teachings you need to challenge you to dig deeper within your soul, mind, and heart so that you can experience a healing from within that will transform your life!
  • This bundle includes...
  • 3 "Healing for My Soul" Challenge Teachings ($105 Value)
  •  1 "Sexual Healing" Challenge Teachings ($47 Value)
  • Topics Covered: Rejection, daddy issues, abandonment, trust issues, insecurities, soul ties, divorce, forgiveness, anger, abuse, depression, procrastination, self doubt, resentment, fear, bitterness, denial, pride, mama issues, betrayal, rejection and much more!

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"Relationship Bundle"
Position yourself as a GREAT woman and learn how to implement spiritual strategies & skills so that you may transform your relationships. With the "Relationship Bundle" you will gain a deeper understanding of men & how the enemy uses schemes of this world to destroy their mind, bodies, and soul. If you are ready to rise up as a warrior for Christ to win a man's heart, mind, and soul back into the presence of God then this is for you!  
  • This bundle includes...
  • 1 "Good Man vs. Great Man" Interview Series ($67 Value) 
  •  1 "How to Fight for My Husband and Win" Online Course ($97 Value)
  • This bundle is for single, married, and divorced women. If you have a heart for men becoming ALL who God has destined for them to be, then this is for you! 

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Hear what other women had to say!
"How to Fight for Husband and WIN!" 
"Healing for My Soul" Challenge Teachings 
"How to Pray with Power on Purpose" Online Course
"Special thanks for Dee and the Good Man vs. Great Man" Interview Series! 
I’m very inspired by the gifts and talents that God has put on the inside of ALL of you!! I feel like I can run a marathon by the words of life that has been spoken to me through these men alone. The interviews BLESSED my soul! I pray that God continues to use you all for His GLORY as your pour back into others. #MyGREATERisHere!"🙌🏾
Baltimore, MD
"I just finished Module 1 of the "Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare" course addressing the Girgashite stronghold “Overthinking and Overanalyzing” and I must say that some major healing is taking place, starting now! It truly helped me to identify what kind of stronghold I’m dealing with. And I can’t wait to dive in the other types of strongholds. 

It shaped how and what I will be praying for/against in regards to this stronghold. It helped me to really be aware of what’s really going on. I love it!  I  Thank God for such an amazing, Dunamis woman, such as you Mama Dee!" 💜
Chicago, IL
"I always read the bible and never payed attention to the spiritual strongholds listed within! When I went to Pastor Dee for coaching, she broke down the 7 spiritual strongholds soooo good, it blew my mind away! 

If it wasn't for her, I would not have overcame my struggle with pride, lust, and depression. These were spiritual strongholds over my life, my legacy, and a nation attached to me! Every POWERFUL woman needs to experience these teachings whether in person or in her online course if you truly want to be free & warfare against the enemy!" 💪🏾
Memphis, TN
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About our Dunamis Woman Trio
Pastor Dee Collins, Allison, and Ariel Fuller are the dynamic mother-daughter trio and Co-Owners of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC. Together they guide women of faith through spiritual mentorship, prayer & coaching so they may experience healing within their soul and transform their life & relationships through the power of God! 

As the Founder, Spiritual Leader, Coach, and Author Pastor Dee teaches Kingdom principles through the word of God so women can gain an understanding of who they are and how to apply God's word as they walk fully in their Kingdom assignment and authority! 

Ariel serves as a Spiritual Mentor & Teen Coach for her generation of young dunamis women and dunamis teens, while Allison serves as a Spiritual Adviser & Beauty Expert for women who seek to find confidence again while overcoming life obstacles. 

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