WARNING: This tour is for women who are serious about pursuing healing within their soul! 
COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus we will host all tour dates virtually online! 

Join Pastor Dee Collins & Ariel Fuller from the comfort of your home for the "Healing For My Soul” Virtual Tour as they bring emotional healing to the souls of women across the nation so they may unleash the woman within while transforming their life & relationships through the power of God! 


"Take YOUR Power Back from Sex & Betrayal!"
Are you ready to understand your purpose from a spiritual perspective to avoid emotional damages that come with sex, life and relationships? At this tour you will be empowered to know how to utilize ALL forms of your PAIN for His PURPOSE as you walk in your POWER and authority in every domain of your life.
It is time to give an eviction notice to the pain of...
betrayal, unhealthy soul ties
cheating, rejection, divorce!
low self-esteem, loneliness, lack of confidence, depression depletion!
abuse, confusion, lust, and negative thoughts!
Tour Cities & Dates
Please note due to the COVID-19 all tour events will be held virtually online until further notice! 
Arlington, VA
Saturday, March 7th
Charlotte, NC
Saturday, March 14th
Newark, NJ
Saturday, March 21st
Dallas, TX
Saturday, March 28th
Chicago, IL
Saturday, April 4th
Virtual Online
Saturday, April 11th
Hampton, VA
Saturday, April 18th
Baton Rouge, LA
Saturday, April 25th
Atlanta, GA
Saturday, May 2nd
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This tour is for you if...
  • ​You are ready to heal from your past pain & hurts!
  • ​You have given your heart & body away to men and are still unfulfilled!
  • ​You want to understand the purpose of sex from a spiritual perspective!
  • ​You have given your heart to love and still ended up being betrayed!
  • ​You want to be loved, feel confident, and experience relationships with a man the way God intended it!
  • ​You want to understand your true POWER and who God created you to be as woman!
At this tour you will...
  • Discover the blessings behind your betrayal!
  • ​Understand your life purpose & why God chose you to impact a generation!
  • ​Understand the treasures that were taken from you by sexual violation and/or perversion!
  • ​Learn how to overcome personal obstacles that inhibit you from freely unleashing the woman within!
  • ​Learn how to break ungodly sex & soul ties!
  • ​Learn how to forgive yourself and not feel stupid for all that you gave to relationships!

Hear how these women enjoyed the tour!
Malaun's Journey
As a woman, emotional healing gave me awareness. There was a person in me that I always aspired to be, but I never knew who that person was until emotional healing. It gave me a head start of awareness as I began to understand that it’s okay to cry & show my emotions. Emotional Healing gave me the gumption to go further and really have a deeper relationship with God on my own and understand exactly who I am. 

Emotional Healing is a forever process that you must go through as a woman in order to be who you’re innately supposed to be. When you're exposed to any type of emotional healing with Pastor Dee the first thing that you really have to accept is truth. 

During our Emotional Healing Clinics with Pastor Dee we created a place where we could air out whatever it was that we were going through. This is your time of release and you can know that what you say is not going outside the room. It was a safe haven where you can come and just relate. Whether you were single, married, divorce, children, without children, it didn’t matter; it was something that we all could either sharpen each other or we would learn from each other. It didn’t matter what your status was everyone had baggage that they needed to let go. For me, I  had to learn how to trust because I had been betrayed so much.  

Connie's Journey
When emotional healing first started, all I could identify with was everything that I did, not who I was. Emotional healing defined the woman in me! It pulled the woman out first and it help me understand how the daughter became the woman and then woman became a mother. The woman was damaged, really damaged that I really had to be broken down, poured into and just re-developed so I  could start all over again. I really didn’t understand how damaged I was when I first came to emotional healing but it made me more of a woman today than I ever was!

Emotional Healing is more intimate than church. We would learn and then have the ability to pour out what we are feeling. It is a time to write down your deepest thoughts, and get out of your head what’s going on with you.  

Pastor Dee individualizes her content based on what the person needs and what your deepest heart desires are. When I came to emotional healing I  was broken in levels that I wouldn’t even believe. I’ve learned that my kids grew up with the broken woman, so they also had broken places. 

If it wasn’t for emotional healing I wouldn’t be at this spot in my life right now. I wouldn’t be married, I wouldn’t have my son, I wouldn’t be happy. When I first came to emotional healing I had an anger on the inside but now I have happiness. I have joy. Going through emotional healing was a foundation of life lessons every week that I went through for seven years and I still use those life lessons today! So pursue your healing at all cost!
Lynetta's Journey
When I first heard emotional healing I knew that I was incredibly intrigued by it, because I knew that my emotions needed to be healed. I knew I had some damages and trauma that I had gone through in my life such as depression, thoughts of suicide, and pain from men. At that time it had me incredibly angry. Emotional healing to me is wholeness, it’s a totality of wholeness, and it’s a holistic lifestyle really. It has become a lifestyle for me.

The Emotional Healing Clinic is a learning atmosphere. You bring your books, your bible, and then delve into some things to get an understanding. The atmosphere is intimate with both teaching and talking. It was a place of understanding and it was a place of intimacy.  I remember when I first met Dee I was enthralled. I was like who is this little dynamo woman! Like she just came in kicking the door down, just kicking butt with her confidence and her poise. She immediately taps into who you are as a woman. 

Emotional Healing really helped me discover the woman and embrace her. Before that, it was pretty much the roles, especially mother that I had fulfilled in my life. Whether it been in church, on a job and in my family, those were the places that I identified myself. I  learned to not be afraid to put me first, to own the woman in me in whatever state she was, good, bad, ugly, and just embrace the fullness of her. It ignited that ability, it gave me a sense of pride. Emotional Healing strengthened and changed the way I viewed myself. And as result of that, it changed the way that I communicated who I was with other people.

Darlene's Journey
I was able to apply the tools that were given to me at Emotional Healing Clinic to my life and test them out. There were assignments given and I had to see that what I was learning would really work. I had natural demands placed on me as a wife, mother, employee, daughter, sister, and aunt. Those tools that I received & applied from emotional healing allowed me to  see how they worked effectively and made a difference immediately!

Emotional healing built my faith, and my trust. It gave me a characteristics as a woman, such as self-respect, dignity, and belief. These were natural attributes that were already in me, but emotional healing gave me the confidence, leadership, and capability to be able to share them with other women. I gained strength and wisdom, and self worth, so I didn’t have to seek validation through other people, but through Christ. 

 It taught me how to have a relationship with Christ, with God again. It’s just been phenomenal for me. The sad part about it was trying to introduce it to another hurting woman, that didn’t want it. A lot of women out here don’t think that there’s anything wrong.  

Since it changed my life, I    wanted my other girlfriends to be on board, but it was a journey I  had to take alone and gained new sisters. If I didn’t’ learn anything else, I learned spiritual strategies, skills, and timing from Pastor Dee and how to implement them in every decision & every word that comes out of the mouth. In planning my day, planning my life, re-evaluating my life, I use emotional healing.  

Before I would dig a hole and get in it because of life's pressure, but after emotional healing, I could put some dirt in that hole and pat it down with the shovel and keep it moving in confidence and in strength, not in misery and judgment.  

I needed emotional healing. I just feel blessed and fortunate enough that I had an opportunity where Pastor Dee was present in the flesh. She would teach and talk to us and was a part of the sisterhood for years!

What Should You Expect?
The "Healing For My Soul"  tour is a participatory workshop, coaching session, and healing revival ALL in one! 

Expect to walk boldly & unashamed in a safe and intimate setting as you receive the  spiritual mothering, mentoring, and life coaching you need to become the Dunamis Woman you desire to be!

Expect an engaging teaching where you can ask questions and express your thoughts!

Expect a place for you to be guided through the word of God and learn “how to” implement spiritual principles for your life!
Expect to LAUGH as you "unleash" the woman within and take your power back from the enemy!
Expect to LOVE, value, and invest in yourself so you may impact & inspire other women to see their priceless value that lies deep within their heart and soul. 
Expect to LET GO of competition and embrace sisters who are "healing hypes" too and committed to walking in total prosperity & promises God has for their life!

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At this tour Pastor Dee & Ari will help you transform your life & relationships!
Let go of aggravation & become stable in your mind and emotions!

Let go of past pain and experience emotional healing!

Let go of self doubt and gain clarity about who you were created to be!

Let go of guilt and shame & walk in liberty and freedom!

Let go of emotional turmoil & live with inner peace and self love!

Let go of self control & learn how to surrender and obedient (to God)!

Let go of spiritually naivety & become spiritually sound in God's word!

Let go of feeling powerless & defeated to becoming a Dunamis Woman!

Get ready to take your POWER back from sex & betrayal!
About the Speakers & Hosts
Pastor Dee Collins & Ariel Fuller are the Co-Owners of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a movement that guides women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power of God through prayer & spiritual warfare.

Together they are one dynamic mother daughter duo! Sharing the same birthday & similar features, they are a never before seen blend of boldness, strength, and power impacting generations nationwide! Their life journey is a captivating mix of healing, resiliency, leadership and sacrifice-- characteristics that have made them endure their own entrepreneurship journey and drives their heartfelt passion behind their brand. 

Today, Dee serves as a Spiritual Leader, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach, Author and Publisher. While in college, Ariel studied underneath her mother’s teachings and saw her sacrifice to heal others as she turned their childhood home into a transitional living home for women who were rejected, abused, homeless, or just need to rebuild their life.  Today, she serves as a Spiritual Mentor to her millennial peers and travels as a Teen Coach guiding the next generation on how to ignite their dunamis power within to overcome life obstacles mentally, emotionally, and socially through their non profit, Dunamis Community.
True servant leaders at heart, Dee & Ariel have availed their lives to many as they teach about the Kingdom & the miraculous power of God to their own unique audiences to bring about a miraculous change within the earth. They are not afraid to dig deep within the minds to address topics with truth & transparency that many tend to avoid because of their fear, lack of knowledge, confidence, or religion. 

Residing in Atlanta (Dee) & Chicago (Ariel), they manage to work relentlessly to leave a legacy so that generational cycles will be broken, hearts may be healed, and souls may be won for Christ! 

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