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This E-Book Will Help You...
 Challenge your soul (mind and emotions) to learn how to ignite your miraculous power (dunamis) through praying on purpose.
 Confront & conquer aspects of your own life attempting to keep you in bondage.
 Be spiritually guided on how to tap into a deeper realm of prayer based upon who you are as a Dunamis Woman.
 Know how to pray for your relationships with your children and spouse.
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About Pastor "Dee" Collins
Davetta “Dee” Collins is the Founder of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a movement that guides women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they transform their life & relationships while igniting their power of God through prayer & spiritual warfare. Known for her slogan, “Dee Speaks…You Think!” 

She is a blend of boldness, strength, and power. She serves as a Spiritual Leader and Transformational Life & Relationship Coach who witnesses lives change through educating and empowering them to pray and supplicate with power on purpose. She firmly believes that prayer and supplication is the foundation to build upon as one serves God’s people regardless of your vocation.  

As an Author & Speaker, her books, courses and coaching programs inspire women to experience transformation and prosperity through the renewing of their minds. Through her platforms, Pastor Dee provides spiritual guidance and a safe space to those who are ready to understand their greatness and the power they possess.
Reading this book will...
  • Provoke you to love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you!
  • Enlighten your eyes to the truth about the purpose of pain!
  • Take your prayer life to another dimension as you implement the power of love through prayer!
Prayer is the most powerful tool we have as women, but many are afraid to use it because they have not been taught how! 

If you are ready to ignite and execute your POWER through prayer then this E-book is for you!.
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  • I want to impact the kingdom, I know the power of prayer and how it can change your life when you tap into it.
  • I know it works, I've helped so many other women just like you and all they had to do was take the first step of reading this book.
  • I know the pain exists, so I've developed this book as the first step to equip you in the process to overcome the hurt.
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Pastor Dee Collins
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