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The Ultimate Guide to Pray & Get Results!

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The Ultimate Guide to Pray & Get Results!

  • Learn how to posture your heart in prayer AND know what to say so you can ignite your power to discover your purpose in prayer!
  • Confront & conquer aspects of your mind that wants to distract you in prayer! 
  • ​Know the methods of war to pray over your marriage, mind, and children! 
The spiritual strategies & principles taught in How to Pray with Power on Purpose will cause you to tap into a deeper realm of prayer based upon who you are as a woman & allow you to see the results you seek God for.
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How to Pray with Power on Purpose has ALREADY dramatically changed the lives of women of faith across the country! 

Pastor Dee
Author of How to Pray with Power on Purpose 

Do you have a deep desire to build a closer relationship with God, but you don't know what to say or feel confident when you pray?

Do you face battles within your relationships, marriage, or children and you've been praying to God about the matter?

Are you cutting your prayer time short or just not praying at all because you can't find the time?

As a woman you possess the power to birth miracles through prayer, but you need three essential things: spiritual strategies, sound guidance,  and skillful warfare! 

In How to Pray with Power on Purpose, I’m going to guide you on how to enter into a higher realm of prayer and give the strategies I teach women across the globe that has caused them to shift their paradigm about prayer, so they can get out of their head & into their heart! It's time to hit the target when it comes to praying with power on purpose! 


 "Your petition before God was never meant to be a water-downed prayer as a mediocre woman. Your sound should be like a roaring lioness waging war against the enemy who seeks to devour your life & legacy as prey. "- Pastor Dee

When it comes to prayer, let me be your guide!

I'll share what I’ve learned from years of trial and tribulations that I had to encounter in order for God to make me a living epistle fortified through a lifestyle of prayer. 

Now it is my mission to show you how to ignite your power within so you can start to use prayer as a weapon of war against the enemy as you fight for your legacy!
  • How to Pray with Power on Purpose will teach you how to use prayer with simplicity and practicality for your healing, self- growth, development, and empowerment.
  • How to Pray with Power on Purpose will show you how to posture your heart and mind before God.
  • How to Pray with Power on Purpose will share how to break free from mediocrity, religiosity, traditions, and societal views on prayer. 
The spiritual strategies in How to Pray with Power on Purpose will help you develop a solid foundation for your prayer life as you continue to grow and keep pressing towards to higher mark to see the results you desire. 

How to Pray with Power on Purpose is going to take you through a journey like never before that will have your mind blown as you stand in your authority of prayer!
I can guarantee that there is a power in you that you don't even know about, but it won’t be until you pray with power on purpose that you’ll be able to see the REAL fruits of your labor for your legacy!

Has Already Helped Countless of Woman Around The World… 
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

What Readers Are Saying:

Inside of this free book here are some of the strategies you will learn!

  • One of the enemy's most subtle schemes to keep you blinded from God's hidden mysteries in prayer! pg. 7
  • How to use the pain you experienced in life to tap into your spiritual warfare. pg. 18
  • How to eliminate distractions that come to diminish your prayers so you can lose sight of praying fervently. pg. 27
  • ​How to intercede for the very person that has hurt you. pg. 28
  • ​How to understand your purpose as woman to birth spiritually in prayer. 39

Dee Collins

Author of How to Pray with Power on Purpose

Davetta “Dee” Collins is the Founder of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a movement that guides women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power of God through prayer & spiritual warfare. Known for her slogan, “Dee Speaks...You Think!” She is a blend of boldness, strength, and power. Serving as a Spiritual Leader, Author, and Transformational Life & Relationship Coach, Pastor Dee witnesses’ lives changed through prayer and supplication as she provides spiritual guidance and a safe space to teach women how to posture their heart to pray with power on purpose. She is on a movement to build an army of women who will stand in their Kingdom authority to spiritually birth our men, children, and communities. 

As You Can See...

How to Pray with Power on Purpose Book has helped countless of women across the world...

The Question Is, Are You Next?

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you cover the postage costs of $6.95 anywhere in the U.S!

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There are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.


There's NO hidden "continual program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this... Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated woman who wants to live a life of prayer! 
  • This is my way of pouring into Kingdom woman and I know that showing you how I built a lifestyle of prayer is the first step to you tapping into your own dunamis power to transform your life & relationships! 
  • If I can get this book in your hands, I know you’ll see how it can transform your mind and you can join our Dunamis Woman Community to be surrounded by women just like you!
  • Because I know the information contained in the 125 pages of this book will change how you posture your heart in prayer forever! 

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Pastor Dee

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